Evolution 777
Is an instrumental concept album written and recorded by Steven Dutch. This is a solo album and reflects a story set in 2012 at the dawning of a consciousness shift.
The album envelops a synchronistic world into the ears of the listener, allowing personal interpretation without defined story constraints.
Evolution 777 is now available on itunes, Rhapsody, Emusic, Napster, GreatIndieMusic, Amazon Mp3, MediaNet, MySpace, Zune and various other music stores.
It can be purchased directly from CDBABY at:

Capture the Last Frame of Freedom
Is an album written by Steven Dutch and Daniel Erdos with influence from all the artists within Trans-Devotion. There is currently no release date defined, Trans-Devotion are still trying out singers for this peice. If you are a singer and would like to audition for the part, contact us at


(2007) EP | Nation Wide Orientis
Nation Wide Orientis was written in 2007 by Steven Dutch, Daniel Erdos and Jared Briggs. The final product has been remastered in 2011, but is presented 'as-is' in the original EP recordings.


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